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Get to know our company


Get to know our company

Our company in numbers

A team of 117 people

We have 117 well-trained people at our disposal at all times, ready for action.

1700+ orders per year

We carry out more than 1700 different orders per calendar year.

62 cleaning

Our machine park currently includes 62 units for hydrodynamic, dry ice and chemical cleaning. This number is dynamically growing.

40 062 m2

The area of our manufacturing facility.

4 locations

Three branches, Sanok, Pila, Augustow where service activities are concentrated and one manufacturing plant.

51 million litres

Annual capacity of our chemical mixing plant.

Where cleanliness determines safety and productivity.

We are here to provide you with complete solutions for maintaining the broadly understood cleanliness of industrial plants, large food services facilities, office buildings or public facilities.

That is why we have combined the sale and production of our cleaning or maintenance mixtures with a service business.

Our products and services work well on a daily basis. To get rid of larger contaminants from production halls, pipelines, installations or tanks, use our comprehensive industrial service. You can call us in an emergency or establish a permanent cooperation.


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Get in touch with us.

If you are looking for an experienced company to clean your company’s installations on a regular basis or you have just had a sudden and unexpected situation where a quick response is needed ? Contact us.

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