High-pressure hydrodynamic cleaning

Why is hydrodynamic cleaning such a popular and universal method?

What is hydrodynamic cleaning?

This cleaning method consists in spraying the surface to be cleaned with a jet of water at a very high pressure of 150 to 300 MPa. The water jet coming out of the respective nozzles has a very high kinetic energy, which causes all kinds of dirt to be torn off the cleaned surface. This method is suitable for cleaning both external and internal surfaces, such as pipes’ interiors.

In which cases can hydrodynamic cleaning be used?

This method is ideal for cleaning: pipe and plate heat exchangers, industrial pipelines, silos, tanks, process tubs, reactors, production surfaces as well as various types of machinery and equipment, and others.

What is crucial about this method?

If you want the cleaning (especially of large or hard-to-reach areas) to go smoothly and to be thorough, pay attention to the equipment and team of your contractor. As far as we are concerned, we are able to cope with large orders because we are able to involve a large team – up to 117 people – and we have dozens of electric and petrol-powered machines. We have dozens of specialised nozzles and accessories and kilometres of high-pressure hoses at our disposal. This allows us to quickly and efficiently carry out all the orders entrusted to us.

Why choose us?

You can be sure that we can handle any task, even the most difficult one – we have the right equipment and a large team of employees. We have dozens of electric and petrol-powered high-pressure devices equipped with pumps of renowned foreign companies, which combined with dozens of specialised nozzles and accessories, kilometres of high-pressure hoses and the possibility of employing more than 100 people for one task, allows us to perform most of the tasks commissioned to us quickly and thoroughly.

High-pressure hydrodynamic cleaning

Frequently asked

Can all surfaces be hydrodynamically cleaned?

Although the hydrodynamic cleaning method is universal, it cannot always be used, which is why we also offer other cleaning methods. Contact us to choose the most suitable method.

Do you also clean facades?

Yes. We clean various surfaces, including facades.

What should I do if I am not sure which method should be used for my order?

Just call us for a consultation. We will help you choose the most suitable method and the best cleaning agents for your case.

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