Paint removal

Cleaning and removal technology
coatings with a high-pressure water jet

Economical solution.

  • Reduced docking time.
  • Priming performed after approval by the controller. It does not require cleaning the surface after processing.
  • Spray arms specifically designed to ensure even energy distribution over the entire working width.
  • Significantly increased area efficiency with the same pump capacity.
  • No costs of intensive protection of sensitive devices, reduced dock cleaning time. Water doesn’t
  • harms nearby seaworthy equipment and machinery, as is often the case with particles
  • sand, grit and others.
  • It allows other industries to work near the water jet operating zone.
  • Significantly less waste for disposal than dry abrasive blasting. Only sewage, old paint, marine sediment and rust need to be collected for further separation and disposal. Water can be treated and recycled.
  • Possibility to work in any weather.
  • Filtered (but not purified) water is pumped out of the vacuum system. This allows for extended runtime because the vacuum tank only needs to be replaced when full of sediment or mud.
  • Reduction in labor costs due to the small number of service staff required.

Sandblasting or water jet cleaning?

Research clearly shows that the high-pressure water cleaning method is more effective. The amount of chloride residues is at least 5 times lower than on the surface cleaned by abrasive blasting and the intact profile of the substrate ensures good adhesion of the new coating and significantly reduces the risk of future defects in the paint coating.

Additional information

Is this method safe for the environment?

Of course, this method does not create dust because its particles are bound to water. Systems based on vacuum units ensure direct feeding of sewage and removed paint particles to the final system, resulting in easy separation of waste for controlled disposal.

what are the quality requirements of the prepared surface?

Substrates prepared by JET Service systems meet the quality requirements set by international paint producers and standardization bodies (NACE/SSPC) regarding the application of new coatings.

Is this a safe job?
  • No risk of silicosis and other respiratory diseases
  • Reduced physical load on service staff in comparison with hand hem
  • No clouds of dust and dirt posing a threat to the health of involved employees and bystanders.
  • The vacuum created in the attachment eliminates the noise generated during operation

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